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Adrian Pucey
damn regret i'll try to forget
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Application )

.010 []
I'm supposed to do what? Would someone care to explain to me what this Riff Raff thing is and what I'm supposed to do with it?

[Hugo, Lily, Draco, Smith, Nott, MacMillan, Helga Hufflepuff]
I believe I owe you all a round of far more sober drinks for keeping me company last week. Thank you.

Are we all right then? Have you forgiven me for not telling you what I would become, and for getting pissed out of my mind in public?

.009 []
Never worth having more than two good shiskeys. Drink ljfkl laf pints after. 2 shisekys, 3nipts. Th's good, right?

Place is sodding clustor clitrso thers no fucking pacelt to go. Need anothr soddin village.

oi flint rounds on me

you too smith. nott. malfoy. anufciking malfoy whoever


fuck cant cast a soddin rward. dont even fucking know what to think. im not a Death Eater now. don't want to be. never wanted to be. but fuck did lestrange? malfoy. shuld've obliv volivb made everyone forget.

don't want to miss him

don't want c to care. m'stpid


lestrange. all of you. milfoy. anyone else who took a fuckin mark.

did you want it?

whatds you do?

tell the world here,. they all want to kno

[NOTE: The privacy warded part has three (two bad, one good) wards on it. The writing is sloppy and messy, and yes, Adrian is at the pub Wednesday night getting thoroughly sodding pissed out of his mind.]

.008 []
I don't appreciate spending half my days as purple and the other half as tan. The purple gets worse at night On the other hand, weather's been good so I've spent most of my time in the air or on the roof. Wondering if it'd be possibly to build another level on the house.

Pickup Quidditch game this afternoon for whoever's interested. Drinks at the pub after.

There's more trouble in the village. Had any problems with her?

And I'd like to see you again.

.007 []
I’ve been bloody well sick under the weather for the last few days and have spent it going over the brooms and the potential rosters for Quidditch. I’ve got the rosters here, and I’ve been matching them up with what I remember from Hogwarts and who I know is here, and I’ve got notes and questions. If your name doesn’t have a check, it means I haven’t confirmed that you’re still interested and that I’ve got you in the right position. I also need to know your height, weight, and relative experience (on a broom, with Quidditch, in that particular position) so that we can work on readying brooms.

If you’re not on the list and want to be, let me know. We’ve either got too few players for four teams or too many for three, so right now I’ve got them sorted with alternates on each team. I’ve tried to mix things up so it doesn’t seem like any one team has all the Weasleys, which isn’t easy here. You lot could likely have a tournament on your own.

Plan is to have these settled and get started with games in the next few weeks, so answer back as soon as you can to confirm your interest and your position.

rosters for three teams )

[Cedric Diggory]
Black has you down as a Chaser instead of a Seeker. Is that your choice, or did he switch you because we’re overloaded on Seekers?

I’ve been sick. Hope you didn’t catch it from me.

Although if you did, wasn't a bad reason to get ill, was it?

When’s good for you to meet me at the broom shed to look at what we’ve got, and how we can best get enough brooms right for the folks we’ve got playing?

[Private to Self]
Still don’t know what to think about what Smith said. Hard to believe I’ll have kids.

.006 []
[Ron Weasley]
What year are you from, and what do you know of my life after the war?

What can you tell me of what I did after the war was done?

You're younger than me, so if you're a broomsmith now, you must be from after the war. Tell me about what happened to me.

.005 []
Candy floss is sweet, but hell on a broom.

I'll be putting up possible rosters for Quidditch soon. If there's anyone new who's interested in playing, let me know. I'll be checking to make sure no one's left that might already be listed on our potential teams.

There's a new bloke in town. Lestrange. You can't trust him.

.003 []
Finally managed to get some decent weather. Spent most of Sunday flying the pitch, getting a feel for the dips and rolls and taking a look at what might need to be modified or smoothed out for games. It's a decent pitch, mostly ready to go. Glad to see my broom came through the transition without incident. Can't think I'd want to be riding one of the ones available here.

[George Weasley]
We need a broommaker. And better brooms. If we're going to be playing games, everyone ought to have their own broom they can practice on, not something from a locker. And we need someone to keep up the spells properly and make adjustments. The Potter kid won't be flying the same broom as his sister, and neither of them would be right on a broom that fits someone like Longbottom or Black. I can handle the basic upkeep on my own, but I'm not good enough for more than that.

If you could even manage to get a decent selection in, that'd help. Different sizes and speeds, brooms meant for different positions. And more players.

[Frank Longbottom & Regulus Black]
I need to get up in the air and flying. I'm willing to coach and play, both, if you want. Three of us, so we can coach three teams at one each? If one of you wants to give me the rosters, I'll get things organized and a schedule set up for practice and games. I just want to get started flying. I'm asking Weasley about equipment. Someone was complaining.

Still missing Ana, but trying not to think about it. She survives, I survive, our father's gone. That's all good news. I'm sure that in the end, she's best off without me. She can keep status and save face, because she's the innocent one. But I don't know what survival costs for her, and what happens when she's being held to keep me in line.

It's good to be here, though. Trying to start out on the right foot, but it's not easy. It's a second chance and I ought to take it. No one's trying to kill anyone at least. Odd to be mates with Malfoy like this, but he's the one seems to understand what the fuck I'm talking about half the time.

Then there's Hugo Weasley Time enough for that later.

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